Adult Faith Formation


ADULT LECTIONARY STUDY, led by one of our pastors, will study the scripture readings appointed for Sunday.  The class begins at 9:50 a.m. in the Narthex classroom. 


NEWCOMERS/INQUIRER'S CLASS (SALC 101) - St. Andrew offers an ongoing program of classes for people seeking to learn more about the Lutheran Church and the local expression of the church in Franklin.  Class topics include Lutheran beliefs, worship practices, congregational outreach ministries and St. Andrew’s role in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Upon completion of the classes, all participants are invited to join the community of believers that is St. Andrew Lutheran Church.  

Monday Night Bible Study

COMPANIONS IN CHRIST – This group explores a current event, various book studies, DVD’s, and other interesting topics.  We welcome all to come and join us; there is always lively discussion no matter what the topic.  So, get a cup of coffee from our coffee fellowship, bring a friend, and join us at 9:50 a.m. on Sunday morning.